1 Hour To Go!

The bars are built, the beers are ready, the staff are tired and the glasses are shiny. All beer lists have been updated and everything we have available is there. Don’t forget that beer lists will be updated every 20-30 … Continued

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1 Day To GO!

In 24 hours the 28th Paisley Beer Festival will be open! All beers are up and settling and all Foreign beer and Cider had been delivered. A few changes to beer lists and many additions will be done tomorrow early … Continued


3 Days To Go

First full day of set-up is now over. A very pleasant surprise when the beers from Yorkshire were delivered. We’ve Got Wood! Thank’s Theakston’s I’m sure this will go down well. Almost all the English beer was delivered today (waiitng … Continued


4 Days To Go

#2015pbf It all starts this weekend, set-up begins 9am tomorrow morning! Remember to check out our INSTAGRAM feed for the latest pictures from behind the scenes before and during the festival and our YouTube channel for behind the scenes videos … Continued


5 Days To Go

The Germans have arrived. German beers have been added to the foreign bottle list and the draught list is now live also. A few more changes have been made to all the lists, mainly Scottish. A reminder that this year … Continued


6 Days To Go

LESS THAN 1 WEEK TO GO! Not long now. This weekend setup begins for the biggest Paisley beer festival yet. It all begins on Sunday (19th) at the town hall at 10am. Hope to see some of the volunteers there! … Continued


9 Days To Go

The Foreign Bar Bottle list is up! 2015 Beer List All bottles ordrered for the foreign bar are now uploaded apart from German beers which we are still waiting conformation on. This week the remainder of the English bar and … Continued


11 Days To Go

Short and sweet. Last chance to sign up to volunteer at this years festival. Without Every volunteer the festival couldn’t happen! Loading… See you in 11 days!


12 Days To Go

As every year we will be fundraising for charity while we are open and we hope you will all give generously via collection boxes and other ways we will be raising money. We have chosen two charitys this year one … Continued

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